G2 vs. MAD – Week 1 Day 1 | LEC Spring Split | G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions (2020)


VoD of G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions
LEC Spring Split 2020 #LEC

Casters: Medic, Vedius

Full Line up:
G2 Esports Line up:
• Wunder – Top Aatrox
• Jankos – Jungle Elise
• Perkz – Mid Qiyana
• Caps – ADC Senna
• Mikyx – Support Nautilus

MAD Lions Line up:
• Orome – Top Ornn
• Shadow – Jungle Lee Sin
• Humanoid – Mid Mordekaiser
• Carzzy – ADC Aphelios
• Kaiser – Support Braum

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  1. 32:39 (Perkz avoided both) … but really for Vedius at 32:57… and once Vedius starts talking…. yes, but NO. Its MUCH MUCH more than that.. PERKZ is the greatest WESTERN PLAYER OF ALL-TIME from his natural roll of MIDDLE lane!!!

    Perkz has always been a main shot caller, but from ADC position – with far less mobility and sustain, opposed to a MAGE/ASSASSIN that Perkz made his name with – you lose what makes PERKZ… PERKZ. Caps is insane but doesn't have the experience or mindset. He's too facetious in games.

    I would bet my car keys that G2 WINS WORLDS if they had the idea to SWAP PERKZ MID VS DOINB in game 1 idgaf moment – this how its going… I was screaming for it during worlds but nobody heard ofc. Caps would get Vayne every game bc they cant waste a ban on Vayne… and we gucci.

    Btw… Perkz Zoe bot was sick last year at Worlds, but his team turbo fed.


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