Full Match | Chicago Huntsmen vs Dallas Empire | Launch Weekend Day 1


The next chapter of Call of Duty esports is here. The Call of Duty League is a global, city-based esports league composed of 12 professional teams, representing 11 markets across North America and Europe.

In its inaugural season, pro teams compete in 5-versus-5 Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare multiplayer matches, on PlayStation®4. The professional competition features the best Call of Duty esports players from around the globe, battling for the ultimate prize: The Call of Duty League Championship.

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  1. All I'm saying is not a SINGLE memorable clip of competitive cod was ever taken in 3rd person. It's a first person game.

    They honestly did it closest to ideal in ghosts. First person cam with a blown up minimap and color coordinated arrows. We need a player scoreboard.

  2. No hate on people who enjoy watching this, to each their own. But watching everyone use the same two guns just isn't interesting imo. I understand pros are gonna use the better guns but if only two guns are viable, that's a problem on IWs part.

  3. I'm no American where this could be common but what's up with all of these ads? It was cringe the insane amount of em, been watching more ads than actual footage.

  4. When a world league commentator needs to explain the rules of hardpoint because the only people still playing this cod are noobs or battlefield fans
    And this 3rd person shit just shows the lack of care for this game

  5. I did not realize how bad the camera work was until i rewatched it. Huntsmen 3 capped Dallas and we dont get to see any of the major plays. Come on, do better.

  6. Maybe start the match before the 30 minute mark of the video? Holy fuck if we wanted to watch this extra shit we would’ve watched it live bruh


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