From the DMZ Into the Hermit Kingdom – Inside North Korea (Part 1/3)


Vice founder Shane Smith managed to get into North Korea after a year and half of trying and is witness to the craziness of this hermit nation. Crazy is actually kind of an understatement.

In part 1, Shane and company speak to North Korean refugees living in South Korea, contemplate bribing a consulate in China, an eventually make their way through the DMZ into the land of the Hermit Kingdom.


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  1. I truly wonder how the Tea Girl is doing in 2020. Is she happy? Is she still in her shop? I hope she's happy and safe. She looks like such a nice person.

  2. This must be older cause I've see videos from Americans that were taken in the north Korean capital so I know you can go in at least you can now

  3. Tea girl could get it, just sayin. In America we go "oof I gotta overeat to get some muscle (or just cause were fucking pigs)" there they go "I need to eat, fuck"

  4. I bet if I go there I would’ve been amazed by it and I’d say better things about the country not because I love North Korea 🇰🇵 but it’s the fact that the world is even a bigger threats to humanities.

  5. (Totally another comment about Yun Chi or whatever the fuck you want to spell it as she will die before she ever gets a wiki page or some professional identification leaking out of this shit hole dictatorship) Holy fucking shit Yun Chi broke my heart </3 She got instantly so sad when "no coffee" </3 The waving at the end </3
    The saddest thing is that no one from the outside world will hear about her ever again. Many years have passed, probably replaced because "slightly not as pretty as before" and back to starving to death or forced to suck the supreme leader's flaccid micropenis. #SaveTeaGirl

  6. The North side of mini China must be liberated from the shackles of mount doom! Only then will the sun rise upon them where it’s rich with rice, eggs and juicy leafs

  7. How long is this dictatorship going to be allowed to stay? It’s from father to son and on and on. I’m surprised that a coup hasn’t happened yet.

  8. Considering how malnourished some North Korean soldiers have looked in some pictures that have gotten out, I, sincerely, doubt they’d put up much of a fight if war broke out.


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