Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports


Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo breaks down some of the most famous racing movies of all time, including ‘The Fast and the Furious,’ ‘Baby Driver,’ ‘Days of Thunder,’ ‘Taladega Night,’ ‘Driven’ and ‘American Graffiti.’

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Formula 1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo Breaks Down Racing Movies | GQ Sports


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  1. 2:05 Ric: At this level, Drivers are really professional and don't behave/drive rash.

    Me: You forgot Grosjean, Magnussen, Verstappen and King Lord Pastor Maldonado bruv????

  2. 8:50 – I think Ricciardo miss the point of the scene: Baby's tires didn't have any puncture, 'cause in some way he managed to push the spike strip away and made it sliding in front of the incoming police car. No damage for his tires, then.

  3. I think it's Indy and F1 where you can be on fire and not know it because of the fuel that they use in NASCAR I do not think that is the case I think in NASCAR which I have not seen Talladega Nights but I'm guessing it's a NASCAR movie NASCAR the fuel you would see if you're on fire

  4. " NOS"….The most misunderstood gas in racing.
    It will not explode….It is only an oxygen carrier.
    Supercharging via volumetric efficiency…..just thought you
    might wanna know….

  5. Its always amazing to see what an expert does not know.
    like, a cop will not know anything about guns or ballistics ( yes, I was am), ….A a chef cannot cook a hot dog,…A nd so on…
    He doesnt know that a car in a drag race CAN go out of control
    if a) It has enough power b) Going fast enough
    c) Break an axle. AND its a locking rear end. All the power will
    suddenly go to the good side ( not broken side)., and
    sideway you can go. Awsum guy.

  6. As far as I know sticks were around until the early 90s. Just watched a walkthrough in the Schumacher museum, and his earlier cars were H shifters (Benetton for sure, maybe the first Ferrari as well)

  7. So….everybody here in Italy call him "Ricciardo" and now I discover that the real sound is "Ricardo"? All the interviews, all the journalists, everyone in the last years is wrong and he never said that on tv? How could him resists to correct everyone?

  8. If you think about it ja rules yelling Monica doesn't make sense cause he was only getting her also if he won the race and he was no where near winning even without paul using the nos

  9. The fast and furious one , the green eclipse going side to side , its a front wheel drive so when you pop the clutch or jump on the gas it will cause torque steer which will pull the car to the left or right making you have to correct it . so id say that part could be accurate


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