Fnatic vs Origen | Week 1 Day 1 S10 LEC Spring 2020 | FNC vs OG W1D1


OG vs FNC LEC 2020 Spring Week 1 Day 1 – Origen vs Fnatic lol eSports eu lcs Spring 2020.
LoL eSports S10 LEC Spring 2020 W1D1 – Fnatic vs Origen | League of Legends European Championship 2020 OG vs FNC W1D1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fifth match of the day – Origen vs Fnatic best of 1.
FNC vs OG W1D1 full game in HD 1080p.

Fnatic Line-up:
Bwipo – Top Swain
Selfmade – jungle Qiyana
Nemesis – mid Diana
Rekkles – ADC Aphelios
Hylissang – support Braum

Origen Line-up:
Alphari – top Gangplank
Xerxe – jungle Gragas
Nukeduck – mid LeBlanc
Upset – ADC Xayah
Destiny – support Rakan

Patch: 10.1 – Season 10
Game date: 24.01.2020 | 09/24/2020 | January 24th 2020
Game place: LEC studio, Berlin
Casters: Froskurinn and QuickShot

S10 LEC Spring 2020 – All Games:
S10 LEC Spring 2020 Week 1 Playlist:

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  1. Bwipo plays like an ape. It has been 2 years and he is the one who is always inting or doing something completely stupid or being the main difference between the teams.

  2. tfw ur level 13 as a jungler and have to engage vs stuff like leblanc or diana which are level 18. What a joke jungle has become lul

  3. Rekkles is like ’’ hold my beer gonna punch broxah for not perma ganking bot, ops its selfmade , then better to flame him and ask for new jungler or else i quit ” welcome to 2020 rekkles drama. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. You can see the miscommunication stayed as the main problem from the previous season :/ Bwipo got killed too many times and there are no clear orders in their teamfights. Sad, Fnatic was and is my favorite team but I doubt that they will reach anywhere near 2020 Worlds stage with these performances… And this is Origen, not KR teams.. (I know, these are "kind-of" first matches but still, this game was horrible.)


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