Excel vs Schalke 04 | Week 1 Day 1 S10 LEC Spring 2020 | XL vs S04 W1D1


S04 vs XL LEC 2020 Spring Week 1 Day 1 – Schalke 04 vs Excel lol eSports eu lcs Spring 2020.
LoL eSports S10 LEC Spring 2020 W1D1 – Excel vs Schalke 04 | League of Legends European Championship 2020 S04 vs XL W1D1 VOD 1080p Full HD.
Fourth match of the day – Schalke 04 vs Excel best of 1.
XL vs S04 W1D1 full game in HD 1080p.

Excel Esports Line-up:
Expect – top Mordekaiser
Caedrel – Jungle Gragas
Mickey – mid Yasuo
Patrik – ADC Varus
Tore – Support Braum

Schalke 04 Line-up:
Odoamne – top Ornn
Gilius – jungle Jarvan IV
Abbedagge – mid Cassiopeia
Dreams – Support Nautilus

Patch: 10.1 – Season 10
Game date: 24.01.2020 | 09/24/2020 | January 24th 2020
Game place: LEC studio, Berlin
Casters: Froskurinn and QuickShot

S10 LEC Spring 2020 – All Games:
S10 LEC Spring 2020 Week 1 Playlist:

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  1. Forg1ven played it so clean, beside of 2 mistakes and 1 little mistake with the flash for Gragas that Gragas was dead anyways he could keep and use the flash for the next fight and he could be still alive, but i'm sure he just flash to secure the kill before Gragas make them to lose more time for chasing him instead to push the mid lane. They lose the Game cause they picked wrong fights and the only REAL damage that they had it was Cass / Xayah is hard to win a Game against that combo if you expecting the whole damage to be done from 2 Players from your team.

  2. Bench abbedagge for the love of god. His positioning was bronze like. He litteraly int all the late game fights.

  3. I was so hoping for XL to win today!
    They did not deserve to be last in the last split, had good games, but not the results. With this upgraded roster & coaching, they just have to start winning games.

  4. fedgiven never dissapoints to dissapoint…….. i remember the times when everyone hyped the guy but he won anything xD it appears he is back again; in seriousness, how dafaq did you lose with an orn and a cassio fed, for real ??????????? you only need to team fight front to front and gg izi pizi

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