Escape the Ayuwoki: Steam Edition – Part 1


Escape the Ayuwoki has had it’s full release on Steam! What new horrors await us as we run away from the dread Ayuwoki?

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  1. I'm pretty sure someone else noticed that before, but me being a former huge fan of Michael Jackson I just realized that the pronounciation of "ayuwoki" is similar to the phrase "are you okay Annie", which is a lyric from the song smooth criminal. this could be a coincidence, but like… yeah

  2. “That was the scariest piece of paper I’ve ever seen.” Me during my math progress check that I didn’t study for

  3. For the past 2 years me and my cousin would scare the shit out of my brother with a image of micheal jackson as a robot and called it “aryoiwalki” thisssss…woahhh

  4. Im soooo glad u continued this game. I really liked it but was upset when u ended the video u did on it. But NOW ur dedicating a "Lets Play" to it! Love you always Marky

  5. mark. i think it keeps turning around and hovering because you are moving. like even turning to watch him. stop moving at all and it might move away. i know it's not good for the viewers but try it.

  6. Also have a game to suggest for you to play!!! It’s on PS4 I don’t know if you’ve played it yet but it’s called beyond two sounds!!! It’s amazing I want to see how you would do some of the situations!!!! Pleeeaseeeee


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