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What is the D, the I, the S, the C??? If you don’t know your true self, your strengths, your preferences, and your limitations, you will find change and improving your life almost impossible!

The good news is, you’ve now got the answer to finding the TRUE YOU!

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Extreme Execution Coaching is a program that helps you leverage who you are in your life and career.

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  1. I met a guy and his uncle tree yesterday
    Uncle successful.
    Nephew bragged how his product was.. FREE.


  2. "That's why you need a routine because you can't trust yourself to keep you on track. That routine is going to keep you on track."

  3. My wife and I quit our jobs a few months ago, we were tired living based on other people’s opinions and how others were living to retire. Watching these motivational videos everyday saved our lives. We started a YouTube Channel and are going to document our lives and show you the journey to being MILLIONAIRES by 2023! Come check it out!

  4. This is 🔥… routine got off. And that 10,000 in all these different areas….paradigm shift. Getting 30K in one over this next decade.

  5. I have always said this. We have to have what I call the James Brown mindset. He said "I don't want nobody giving me nothing. Open up the door and I'll get it myself."

  6. “Monday I cried, Tuesday I cried, Wednesday I cried, Thursday I cried, Friday I cried, Saturday I cried, Sunday I cried(I cried, I cried, I cried)”-E.T.


    Please try your best to not give up. I know the fight is hard, but you are so strong and you are getting through every single day; you’re a wonderful person that deserves to be loved, cared for, and to see how beautiful the universe can be.

  8. I've been studying under the most High for the last almost 10 years. When you spend that much time with anything or anyone it will change you. But when you under the most High that will break you and remake you into what he wants you to be. I can't even talk to normal people anymore. About 30 seconds into a convo with people they get this blank look on their face. I asked him why he told me because you study under me while they study under man. The gap is too large to close so they get lost.

  9. Yo ET can you please shade some light on the subject of "ain't no reason 's' " in other words we make up reasons for our lazines; we make up reasons to not do something when we really have the ability, and mindset to do so if. Also im having to scratch my head on this one does character and morals matter any more? oh yeah why is being consistent so hard at times?


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