Ep 1. 아날로그 트립 여행의 실체 | Analog Trip (아날로그 트립)


인도네시아 꿈의 휴양지 ‘발리’로 떠난 동방신기와 슈퍼주니어! 휴양의 달콤함도 잠시, 밝혀지는 진짜 여행의 실체는…?

고아 좀블랑 사진 제공: Timon Peskin

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  1. You guys are so awesome. These are such great videos 👍🏼. I’m so glad you share your lives with your fans. Love from America

  2. apa cuman gw yang ngerasa kalo kamera acara korea agak beda/bagusan daripada di indonesia?😅 soalnya ngeliat indonesia di acara korea tu agak bagusan gitu

  3. Leeteuk couldn’t open the door and said that the door was locked when he actualy the one who opened it ( at 4:53 )😂😂😂

  4. U know is the only person that is fully opposite side of these guys but loved their bonding… They really loved his innocent nature


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