duPont Aerospace DP-1C first hover – run 1


First tethered hover of the DP-1C subscale prototype of duPont Aerospace’s DP-2 vectored-thrust vertical take-off aircraft – 30 September 2007, El Cajon, California


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  1. Looks like a dead ringer for the Bell X-14 which actually flew for a number of years from 1957 to 1981. If a working model wasn't put into production, why on earth would this DP-1 stand a chance?

  2. 63 million taxpayer pork-barrel (hehe) dollars to a private company with political ties to do what was allready done 50 years ago. Good job republicans.

  3. @jjswimmer2014 But you don't need a runway. It would be like a really fast and efficient helicopter (efficient when in aerodynamic flight). No this isn't the first of it's kind but that does not make it useless.

  4. @JaycubL VTOL is not a new science it is inefficient and that plane is far to Small to be used for any thing but personal travel, but now it is louder more expensive and much more dangerous.

  5. @lykenth08 First British vector thrust VTOL airplane the Hawker P.1127 October 1960. Yanks did vector thrust first ( x-14, Feb 1957 ), although it did used the Rolls Royce flying bedstead idea of bleeding air from the engines to thrusters at the extremity of the aircraft for stability. Admittedly it was only an experimental aircraft to test if vector thrusting worked and was never intended for development into a service aircraft.

  6. its stability is impressive bit get an extra wheel at the back if it was not for that cable you`d have fallen back off the platform. nice work. UK did it first =D


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