Dragon Ball: GT Review (Part 1) – The Black Star Dragon Balls


Part 1 of my 4 part series where I review and deconstruct Dragon Ball GT. I’m Totally Not Mark and I haven’t seen Dragon Ball GT in maybe 15 years. After having changed a lot since then, after rewatching Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super… In this week’s episode I will be taking a look at “The Black Star Dragon Ball” saga.

Sit back and enjoy as we follow Trunks, Pan and kid Goku on their adventures throughout the universe… until the show got cancelled!

(Episodes 1- 16)






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  1. I feel like Dragonball GT had some great ideas, but was horribly executed for the most part. It did have some cool villains and plot elements.

  2. Fanboys on GT: "It sucks, they dont show any characters outside Goku"
    Fanboys on Super: "Its great, the series is focused only on Goku"

    Super is embarrasingly bad, literally reusing fight scenes from Z, no story, devolving characters, characters being out of character, shitty villains, shitty jokes, and a lot of filler, something GT never had…and somehow the manga is worse.
    The funny part is how both series were made by Toei, and fanboys even forgot that back in 1996 Toriyama ALSO gave his blessing to GT, just as he did it with Super…and he designed a lot of characters for both series (Vegeta's mustache? His idea).

    Anyway, GT is not "bad", but it came out in a time where people were TIRED of Dragon Ball, ratings started to drop at the beginning of the Boo saga, and they never recover…on the other hand, making Goku a child was a mistake…I get what they wanted to do, and Toriyama himself saix it was a brilliant idea, but it just didnt work.
    And of course, how they wasted Oob.

  3. Not sure if anyone remembers this, but,this arc was so bad that when GT first aired on toonami they skipped majority of it and went straight to 2nd arc, then when GT was over, they finally decided to air them dubbing them the lost episodes, they should of stood lost.

  4. End Of Debate – Case Closed
    Dragon Ball Z ended in the same year, Dragon Ball GT began in 1996. Dragon Ball Z aired it’s final episode on January 31st, 1996. Dragon Ball GT aired it’s first episode February 6th, 1996. (1 week apart) Thus making Dragon Ball GT a successor to Dragon Ball Z at the time. Fast forward (a whole 18 years later) Dragon Ball Super is created. But for who? What age demographic would that be targeting, 18 years later? Would it be targeting the Dragon Ball Z/GT fans who had their closure in the late 90’s early 00’s? If you’re informed, you know the answer. & Will forever know that the Dragon Ball Series ended on November 19, 1997. From the immortal words of yours truly, “Til’ we meet again guys!” -Grand Tour

  5. The two best things GT did was give a negative consequence to the overuse of the dragon balls and Super Saiyan 4/Golden Oozaru

  6. GT and Super's main problems are that they make Goku the main character again by a large margin

    Saiyan saga: Goku's out of action for the majority of the Nappa fight. Goku only wins with the help of Krillin, Gohan, and Yajirobe.

    Namek: Goku doesn't arrive until the Ginyu force does. Then he's in the rejuvenation chamber until Frieza's final form who's already fought everyone else.

    Android: Goku has a heart condition or is in the hyperbolic time chamber while everyone else takes charge and he leaves the final fight to Gohan.

    The best sagas have minimal Goku until he's needed but in GT and super, he's ALWAYS there

  7. Hey Mark I know this might not be related to the video but could you talk about the idea that Disney could produce dragonball content in the future? And yeah even though all disney has dragonball related is distribution rights, I could definitely see them looking at this billion dollar franchise and going "We could work with this" Especially since disney has been wanting to expand into the asia regions where Dragonball is widely popular.

  8. I can see a few episodes trying to emulate Dragon Ball, but they didn't know how to properly do it. Its kind of sad, even though that was the idea, they needed to cut down some stuff and add in other stuff. No Master Carrot?

  9. I'm just gonna say it: GT does not get better. This is gonna be a slog, Mark. You have my sympathies. The entire series is rudderless, condescending to the audience, and disdainful of these characters. It is garbage, give or take a transformation that makes for cool toys.

  10. LOL the people who are pissed at GT are the ones who watched the Japanese version. It had all the filler episodes.

    The dub cut out most of the filler and stuck to the story. I never seen 1/2 of this stuff lol.


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