CS50 2018 – Lecture 1 – C


00:00:50 – Week 0 Recap
00:08:01 – PBJ
00:15:59 – C
00:20:56 – Variables
00:21:46 – Incrementing
00:23:36 – Conditionals
00:32:31 – While Loops
00:35:52 – For Loops
00:40:47 – User Input
00:48:14 – CS50 Sandbox
00:49:48 – hello.c
00:51:18 – Compilation
00:57:31 – Command-Line Arguments
00:58:50 – make
00:58:30 – Debugging
01:11:44 – get_string and printf
01:18:23 – int.c
01:21:58 – float.c
01:24:29 – ints.c
01:28:39 – floats.c
01:37:54 – parity.c
01:39:13 – conditions.c
01:40:17 – answer.c
01:42:15 – cough0.c
01:42:57 – cough1.c
01:43:57 – cough2.c
01:49:53 – cough3.c
01:52:04 – positive.c
01:58:05 – Integer Overflow
02:03:04 – overflow.c
02:09:50 – Integer Underflow


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  1. I was following most of this pretty well until he got to 'cough', where he just seemed to abandon explaining anything clearly and started writing code not seen before. Very frustrating.

  2. true and false are C++ keywords C don’t have them most use for(;;) as a loop forever in C, it one can #define true 1
    #define false 0
    Or go old school label: {} goto label
    I expect compiler will produce the unconditional branch instruction as it should be for a loop for ever but true and false were implied as keywords in C that are not only in C++

    Found the video interesting good way of teaching C.

  3. So grateful. This is gold. Thank you for all your efforts. I dont know if I will be able to complete this playlist. But thankyou.

  4. I find these basics useful while learning (now) JAVA. It explains the logic why/how somebody billion years ago was thinking while creating these programming langues. Definitely going to finish watching these after my brain refuses to pick up, before going to sleep ^^

  5. The video is 30 seconds in and hes already a better teacher than anyone i have had in college, well he is in harvard so thats what i would expect lol, but really energetic, love that.

  6. Well, computer is nothing but a tall building where there is a bunch of people in their apartments turning lights off and on and by doing so writing messages and signals. That is it.

  7. When he asks "are there any questions?"

    I was really hoping someone would say "yes, i'm completely lost, can you start at the very beginning?" lol

  8. Sir I have one doubt I want to study computer science from to all but I can't get the right order from your channel , what can I do please reply give me some solution 🙁

  9. Coming at this knowing a bit about C++ and C, He makes other professors that teach C and C++ look like a joke. I am not sure I have ever seen a professor teach better than this. Ever.

  10. ده جروب انا عامله للي حابب ينضم للتناقش في محتوي كورس cs50

  11. i had a little trouble with the language used describing the concepts. Science is about precision and been exact, so if you didn't grow up in an environment where people used these words often, you wont really know them.

    Write a list of every word you come across and spend some time relating them to what you do know. I was only guessing what a "function" was because where I come from, a function is a party or get together that people have to get drunk (along way from computer science so wtf) Then I learned a "function" can be confused with "operation"… one is what it does, the other is the way it does it or the method used. simple when you know.

    So take your time to learn every word you cant fully comprehend. for example, variables, arrays and structures, objects and classes.. the difference between a type and value even. I didnt really know what a principal was (are we in a school or something). funny but the english language is full of words with different meanings.

    Just because you can read something doesn't mean you sense or understand. it will trip you up later on. Learn the lingo because its overwhelming and makes you feel stupid at fist. When you know the lingo.. its basics 2 + 2 stuff.

  12. 2:45 Who else was waiting for him to say binary 4 and show the middle finger. It was funny how he giggled a little bit, as he thought about it. Professor, your amazing love from Somalia.

  13. этот человек лжет . https://twitter.com/novisazki/status/1153561195774976000 он просто рекламирует сайт GitHub и горе программу CS50 Sandbox . не зависимо от устройства Microsoft Visual Studio работала бы одинаково на ваших устройствах.А раз так – этот человек лжец и рекламирует просто левые ресурсы


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