Bruch: 1. Violinkonzert ∙ hr-Sinfonieorchester ∙ Hilary Hahn ∙ Andrés Orozco-Estrada


I. Vorspiel. Allegro moderato ∙
II. Adagio ∙
III. Finale. Allegro energico ∙

hr-Sinfonieorchester – Frankfurt Radio Symphony ∙
Hilary Hahn, Violine ∙
Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Dirigent ∙

Alte Oper Frankfurt, 9. Dezember 2016 ∙

Website: ∙


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  1. This performance made me finally appreciate Hahn. The emotion came through for me. Much love ❤️ Though, Sarah Chang’s version continues to be my personal favourite because of how she played the second movement.

  2. Will we have to be without such brilliant performances in Germany in the future?
    Since June 2019, we inhabitants of Germany have to fear that "artists with foreign passports" will be sorted out and, like at the time of the Nazis, an AfD-cultural-chamber will decide on the hiring of foreign artists.
    The cultural-political spokesman for this fascist fighting party backtracked after a huge shitstorm in Stuttgart and hypocritically claimed, that he only wanted to start "a political initiative to promote young German talents", mind you "young German talents", that is, no Julia Fischer and no Patricia Kopatschinskaya or her daughter or Hilary's daughter.
    Until now I didn't realize, that Nazis are so interested in classic music. I remember almost "Die Fahne hoch…"
    Müssen wir in Zukunft in Deutschland auf solche großartigen Aufführungen verzichten?
    Seit Juni 2019 müssen wir in Deutschland befürchten, dass "Künstler mit ausländischen Pässen" aussortiert werden und wie zur Zeit der Nationalsozialisten eine AfD-Kulturkammer über die Einstellung ausländischer Künstler entscheidet.
    Der kulturpolitische Sprecher dieser faschistoiden Kampfpartei ruderte nach heftigen Protesten in Stuttgart zurück und behauptete dann ganz scheinheilig, er wolle doch nur "eine politische Initiative zur Förderung junger deutscher Talente" starten, wohlgemerkt "junge deutsche Talente", also keine Julia Fischer und keine Patricia Kopatschinskaya oder deren Tochter oder Hilarys Tochter.
    Ich habe bei den Nazis bezüglich ihrer Neigung zur Kunst nur Kunst-Raub in Erinnerung und kaum einen Hang zur klssischen Musik, eher sowas wie "Die Fahne hoch…" oder ähnliches Gegröhle.

  3. I see your little trick there Hilary Hahn.
    18:05 It is practical.
    Please, we don't do that here.
    Anyone knows what I am talking about here. ("Wink")

  4. Fantastic !!For once I succeded in not watch the beautyful apperence of her and again got aware of this special tone and mood of her and het violin. It captites as all of her recordings have done since tje first when she was very young- a sertain melancholia in the Sound . Is this from her soul , from the deepest of the fact of being a human being – born in this World but being aware of another….? Anyway it is heard in most of the greatest composers and great soloists
    It reveals a genius


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