BRAZIL v GERMANY (1:7) – 2014 FIFA World Cup™


Germany have pulled off arguably the most extraordinary FIFA World Cup victory of all time, thrashing hosts Brazil 7-1 to book their place in the Final.

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  1. Keep in mind that Löw told the German players to go easy on Brazil in the second half out of respect for the host. This could've ended much worse.

  2. I always don't like Brazil they always think their football and their players is above everyone else well they have the right to think so in Ronaldo era but this is different Brazil

  3. International Statistics:
    Brazil VS Germany
    🇧🇷( 5 ) World Cup ( 4 )🇩🇪
    🇧🇷( 5 ) U20 World Cup ( 1 )🇩🇪
    🇧🇷( 4 ) U17 World Cup ( 0 )🇩🇪
    🇧🇷( 4 ) Club World Cup ( 1 )🇩🇪
    🇧🇷( 4 ) Confederations Cup ( 1 )🇩🇪
    🇧🇷(1) Gold Medal Olympic (0) 🇩🇪
    🇧🇷(5)Fifa World Player of the Year(1)🇩🇪

  4. Lol everyone who comments clearly has never played football properly. A team in a world cup, in the semis, in their home country, with their best player missing and their captain missing will obviously lose. Everyone always says what a massive win this is, but it isnt, i would be more suprised if Brazil had one that game.

  5. well I'm a cricket fan and don't watch football much I just came here to see what's called humiliation in football……..

  6. Lets be honest, this match could've been much worse than it actually was.Germany slept on the 2nd half to not humiliate Brazil much more, maybe cuz they were playing on homesoil…

  7. That was a shame, I'm brazilian and to me after 2006 we didn't have and won't have any more the respect of the world selection teams….

  8. As someone has supported Brazil since forever I remember I was at work and I was fasting so I took my break as this match was happening thought I’d watch a bit of it by 30 minutes it was 4-0 to Germany I just couldn’t believe it!


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