Bob Ross – A Walk in the Woods (Season 1 Episode 1)


Bob Ross introduces us to his “Almighty” assortment of tools and colors, tells us that anyone can paint, and creates a landscape of a forest path just after a rain shower.

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Originally aired on 1/11/1983


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  1. You have inspired me tO never give up and that I can reach your Goal no matter what I wish I was u your legacy will live in and everyone will remember u for your famous artworks

  2. Bob ross is my biggest inspiration and it’s so nostalgic to see where it all began this is the beginning of greatness and even after he passed away that greatness has never wore off.

  3. The 800 dislikes are from people who couldn't make their bushes look happy, or failed to beat the devil out their brush

  4. I don't what it is, but I find nothing more relaxing and soothing than watching Bob Ross paint a picture. I came in tired and stressed and I leave refreshed and with a smile on my face. happy-sigh

  5. "a little dream in your heart" man … Bob Ross was like the true king of humans, he was the most humane human out of all that ever hit planet earth I swear !
    he embodied everything any sort of art was ever intended to do – free your mind, free your soul, let your thoughts and imagination run wild and express it. He demonstrated so clearly and easily, how to create your little "free space" where one is truly in their own happy little world for a short period of time. He was the possibly truest definition of an artist.
    I'm fucking hooked on these vids man, this is soul food for real

  6. I give my condolences to the almost 800 people who mistakenly pressed the dislike button on this beautiful video. May you recover from your dyslexia.


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