1. Me : sees this like 20 days before it comes out
    Also me : sneaks up behind dad DaD gUeSs WhAt?
    Dad : ???
    Dad : wut ._.

  2. Harley Fanny ( The Punk Princess ) Quinn : The Joker and I Broke Up..!!!

    Jared Leto : Yes..From DC..Now I'm MORBIUSS..HA..HA..HA..HHAHAHAHAHH

  3. You mean Harley Quinn and the back up dancers. You spend all your budget one characters costumes and expect me to be excited for a team movie… a team who have never featured Harley Quinn until this movie was announced.

  4. Well you went and killed this movie with your stars banging on about woke culture bs. Was looking forward to it but sorry, ill pass.

  5. Just because margot robbie's ass was the best thing about suicide squad doesn't mean she needs her own movie. Guarantee its gonna suck.

  6. When the trailer dropped:
    97% this movie looks bad
    95% joker break up with Harley transitions
    99% joker break up with Harley transitions.
    98% Harley Quinn is gonna kill it!
    50% Halloween costumes of Harley.
    1% other

  7. Suicide Squad was bad in general, it really wasn´t Jareds fault. They made it a comedy when they originally started is as a dark movie. They made it about ,,villains" but forgot and made all of them into good people. Cara was such a weak and forgettable enemy. It was a mess. Jared could´ve done a good job if they told him what they want from him.

  8. This isn't a birds of prey movie! It's a Harley Quinn movie. Black canary should be the main character. I don't even know who the other people are.


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