BEST Action Camera of 2020? Insta360 ONE R 5.3K 1-inch Sensor with Leica In Depth Review


For 360 lovers – watch my latest comparison of the ONE R vs ONE X vs GoPro MAX vs Qoocam 8K:
🙈[Correction from 11:17]: I mislabeled the stabilization footage – it is GoPro Hero 8 NOT GoPro Max! – So sorry for the confusion!! Huge shout out to my followers pointed that out!
Insta360 ONE R is more than just a 360 camera. It is also the only action camera in 2020 equipped with a 1-inch image sensor co-engineered with Leica. This video, we will deep dive into the 1″ sensor feature, find out its Pros and Cons compared to GoPro Hero, SONY RX0 II and my Panasonic GH5 DSLR. By the end of this video, you can decide if you need the 1″ sensor mod or wait. Spoiler alert – the 1″ mod look amazing!! My real-world footage will really change your mind of action cameras:

0:00 – Sample video captured with the Insta360 One R 1″ sensor
3:38 – 1″ Leica Mod – specs and a closer look
5:00 – “Go to BestBuy” a sample vlog captured with the ONE R 1″
7:02 – Insta360 ONE R 1″ sensor vs 4K Mod vs GoPro Hero 8 vs GH5: image quality comparison
11:17 – Stabilization comparison – walking and running (missed labeled – it is shot on GoPro Hero 8 not GoPro MAX)
13:37 – External Mic Vlog setup and comparison
15:13 – Indoor and low light stabilization comparison
16:39 – 120fps Slow Motion comparison
17:25 – Low light video comparison (handheld)
18:27 – Photo comparison
19:26 – Cool Features of ONE R 1″ Leica (you don’t know about)
23:14 – The Cons of Insta360 ONE R 1″ Sensor

🎁Shopping time:
Get Insta360 ONE R now, here is the link: (use: CES2020 – if it still works)
Saramonic Blink 500 (2x wireless Lav system – you need at least TWO MIC):
INVISIBLE BATTERY STICK(TM) 😂: (best $40 I ever spent)

➡️All samples in this video DOWNLOAD here:

😱For the FULL review of Insta360 ONE R 360 mod and the REAL reason why you need this camera:


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  1. [Correction]: From timecode 11:17 to the end, I mislabeled the stabilization footage – it is GoPro Hero 8 NOT GoPro Max! – So SORRY for the confusion!! Huge shout out to my followers pointed that out! ALL footage in this video is shot on GoPro Hero 8 NOT GoPro Max!!
    For 360 lovers – watch my latest comparison of the ONE R vs ONE X vs GoPro MAX vs Qoocam 8K:
    ➡️All samples in this video DOWNLOAD here:

  2. Great comparison as always. I currently use the hero 7 & insta360 one x…and am thinking of upgrading the hero 7 to hero 8 with media mod and keeping the one x….OR… ditching both & getting the insta360R. I will be curious to see how the insta360R with mic adapter compares to gopro 8 with media mod. Also, if you mounted the insta360R with 1” sensor to your car dashboard…would the close distance of the camera to the driver cause you to be out of focus? Or would you use a go pro or 360 mod instead of the 1”? Thanks!

  3. Really great comparison! Though wish we also could've seen the standard 4K lens in the mix to get a good idea of the 'stock' Insta compared to GoPro and 1" Leica.
    Also, pretty sure cost is another drawback?

  4. i have Insta360X i hang it on the drone , i like that you can turn it around as you want, and it works, this is cool, the only problem is that all companies all models are poor quality . and it makes no sense to spend $ 850 again for Insta360R and 1" total $ 850.00. not a big difference.

    Well, you explain everything very beautifully.

  5. Друзья я снимал на Горе белая Нижний Тагил Съемка Ночью на SONY HDR-AS300

  6. I don't mind your English at all as from what I see your video is high quality in information and delivery. That and the Tanjiro figurine made me Sub instantly. Ty for having me!

  7. Hi Hugh, i've been following your Insta360 One R In Depth Review and i think you can answer some of the questions i have about the One R before i purchase it.
    I've seen a few videos about the One R where the One R will freeze while recording or using voice commands, have you experience this freezing? would it be because they are using an outdated firmware?

    Also, would you do a video on hooking up the One R to a power bank to extend the operating time of the One R with the 1inch mod and the 360 mod?

  8. What's up Hugh! Great video as always…. it seems to me that the 1" Leica's Hyperfocal distance is far as when you're holding it your face is not in critical focus but the background is in sharp focus. Can you check to see what's the minimum focus distance for this camera and is it longer than your arm?! I'm very curious about this as I'm about to order this but need it for arm's length vlogging. Thanx!

  9. Please ask Insta360 guys to create a bottom part without any battery – just a small light thing with a power regulator, so we could feed the cam from our big drone batteries, so they don't have to fly with extra tonns. Therefore the 1 inch version with its competitive weight will be more likely chosen at the FPV market – that feature would be killer, and don't think is big production deal. Also if only I could place the one R 360 mode split with ribbon cable on the front and rear of my FPV drone… or next to each other to have stereo 180 – like they did with the EVO. I also dream of a gopro like the Session was, but up to date features – no one really did it yet – This Insta One R could be it with even more minimal modules.

  10. I love that invisible battery stick – can you confirm whether the one r can be used while charging as I have had different answers from various places? Thanks

  11. This is innovational review, I mean like, all of the memes and the way you showcase and the shortcuts and everything, this is amazing! Thank you for the video! I did watch many reviews, but yours is really different from the others. Good luck in the future

  12. Thanks for being one of the 1st Youtuber to publish an indepth comparison of the One R 1-inch Mod including low light test. Your list of cons at the end really helped me made my decision. Thank you so very much Hugh! You just earned a fan and subscriber too!

  13. Nice comparison, but I miss a few important things: First of all: Angle of view and available aspect ratios. For FPV the Superview feature is a killer, which has wider field of view (also achieved from 4:3 squished to 16:9 and some (un)distorsion magic) this has more perspective which helps to perceive speed and more freedom to edit. Other thing I don't 100% agree: resolution is just a hype to sell easier bigger numbers, but bitrate and chroma sampling determines quality (of course scaling back a 4K 4:2:0 to HD might give you a 4:2:2 feel, but if you want to zoom in, then you loose detail with low bitrates). Last thing is Gopro color with its higher contrast obviously has worse dynamic range and less definition in the shadows as in flat Protune mod. The correct comparison would be to have all cameras in flat color and start to tweak levels and see when the artifacts and noise emerge. However in their fast settings ONE Rs default image has better range indeed, as you said – but it's an in-camera LUT applied!

  14. Im so Glad you crashed your drone aLong with yer insta… I only watch ur stupid videos to make a decision before buying a 360 cam… ur talking SUCKS

  15. RX0 mk II has twice the waterproof rating (10m vs 5m), and is much more crush proof. I'd argue it's more of an action camera than the 360 One R. So it's not the "only action camera with a 1" sensor!"… Still, looks good, especially that timelapse!

    Also, nice Lebrons.

  16. Who cares about your english? You talk very clear though! I understand everything you said even without closed captions!
    And you know what? This content is very solid! very well made! Please keep it up!
    I'm glad youtube put you in my recommended list.


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