BEST 1 ON 1 BASKETBALL MOVES! [Simple Scoring Moves]


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In today’s video, Coach Rocky shows you some of his favorite 1 on 1 basketball moves. Be sure to not just watch the moves, but also study every aspect of them so that you know how to do them properly.

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  1. Hey Everybody! Enjoy these moves and be sure to use them against your friends and opponents. Don't forget to pick up your free game specific scoring acceleration here:

    It will help you score more points.

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    We're about to take things up a notch 😉

    Coach Rocky

  2. I remember feeling so small on a 1v1 because everyone was taller or bigger. Playing low really is the way to go because height doesn't matter there

  3. Low sweep, stepback, dribble ball to your inner arm(closest to defender), pull a simple side step, then run right by them(run by the highest side of their body) then pull a simple layup or quick three.

  4. Hello! Lol xD I subscribed cuz I need to get better at basketball, it's our new like "Topic" or "Subject" in school and my friends say I need to work on my catching and throwing, (Does the woah) so yeah, Lol xD I hope this will help me 🙂

  5. first move is a travel. I know in NBA nobody cares about rules but not in the rest of the world (and actually this travel is very hard to defend it's a clear and huge advantage for the attacker). (travel explain in coms)

  6. Me and my friend finna 1v1 on Jan 06 (tmrw). I’m finna beat him for the first time

    Update( it was a tie)
    All he did was dribble! He didn’t even try to attack the rim. It was 10-10, the reason why we tie cause we had classes

  7. hi, basketball isnt my main sport but i like to play and have my season starting as a starting shooting guard, and i can execute these moves, but i can never seem to shake off any defenders… like my moves never get any defender to even flinch, any tips?


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