Before The Person :: Relationship Goals (Part 1)


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  1. A word I didn't even know I needed. I was trying to go past it. I was looking for something else…but this is what kept showing in my feed. I promise I was all "my relationships are good". This can't be a word for me. Chillllle, that was a right now word. Thank You Lord!!!!

  2. So a church friend recommended this series to me about two years ago, and i completely forgot about it. Just recently this series popped into my recommended, and at a moment where I've been feeling really lonely and isolated. And this sermon really spoke to me, cuz there's a moment when you just get tired of playing with your heart doing meaningless stuff with people. I wasn't sure how to even begin or what's the right thing to ask God when it comes to relationships, and this is probably a good start

  3. It's 5 am,2020 and God is omnipotent and powerful. I had an argument is ith the man I have been praying for and called it quits. Why? Because I'm selfish on my ways and he has shines his light on me. On my areas where I need improvement. And thankfully, he's my answered prayer.. meaning this is something the devil knows is for me!! But my God's grace he has allowed me to see what he will be pleased I stand corrected his order.lord I feel his presence here. thank you pastor for your obidience. You for all I know have helped break thatcurse. …..praise God 🙏❤️🙌 thank you Jesus. God bless

  4. Such an eye opener! 😍 Such an awesome and worth watching sermon series! I was truly BLESSED! 😍 😉 Praying 🙏 for everyone who is patiently waiting for their right one while preparing to be also the right one for someone. 😉

  5. This came at just the right time. I've been navigating a ton of identity crises and unhealthy romantic feelings for a while now, and I'm going on a date with a coworker soon. God truly must be the centerpiece of everything we do, and if a guy isn't falling on his knees for Jesus, then I don't want him. God bless you <3

  6. Me and my girlfriend broke up but we remained good friends, we both have love for each other and would want to get back but that isn't our goal, our goal is to have a closer relationship with god and lately, we've been sharpening iron with iron, reading the word together, worshipping together during church, praying for one another and sharing a 365 days devoted bible plan. We've been through alot, ups and downs especially with our relationship with god but other than that, we share the same goal of having a healthy marriage and christian family in the future so she's the one I want to be with because we uplift each other, we encourage each other. Any advice you guys can give us to strengthen our relationship with god as individuals and while we're together?

  7. I got this friend who found an online boyfriend they have been dating for a while. My friend was telling me her boyfriend went to jail for assault and battery he hit a lady his hands have metal in them that's why he got charged she wants to marry this guy and have kids by him. He already has 2 kids by someone else. She wants to have 3 triplets and he wants to have 6 kids no adoption. She has a heart condition as well and she's 32 years old. I don't know what to tell her or how to tell her that she shouldn't be dating him and she needs to watch out and not rush into things yet. I don't want her to get hurt by him.

  8. Just lost a very important friend, one that it was complicated with relationship wise, we were close, I was in love with her, but the enemy took root in me and I blew it. This message tonight has helped me so much and I thank God for allowing me to be available to hear it. Fill me up!

  9. If you're reading this comment and enjoyed this message, stop what you're doing and order Pastor Mike's new book, Relationship Goals which he has put all this wisdom from this series into a book! There's even a separate study guide that you can purchase as well. (I pre-ordered both as the kindle version). Be blessed!

  10. Came here by way of my ex. I’m hoping we can grow back together. Sometimes people need to stop all this “purpose-chasing” and just let it be naturally revealed. As was stated God “placed” Adam, gave him purpose, identity, and a help mate. He wasn’t running around trying to find it. Sometimes instead of running from a relationship you have to learn to relate. It requires work and as stated earlier in the lecture each should be helping the other. Rocky situations are going to come up regardless. And if you’re with someone who did have an example of a successful relationship it might be ok to learn and grow from/with them especially if you weren’t nurtured with the example. I’m interested in seeing where this series goes.

  11. I am praying for him, I am 15 minutes in and the point isn't made … He is trying, but is all overvthe place. I'll keep watching.

  12. I am an introvert and I didn’t like a church I attended in the past that always wanted to hug and high five and such. Now I see how that wasn’t such a bad idea. It’s just so hard. I have a comfort thing and I get uncomfortable when people I don’t know get too close

  13. I am back to rewatch this in 2020 because I can't get enough of this message. It spoke to me at a really dark time in my life and I emerged from it stronger and better. Thank you pastor for changing so many peoples lives. ♥️ from Kenya.


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