Battlefield 1: Achi Baba Yaga


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BF1 Headshot Sound is ASMR
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  1. How is it I play PS4 bf1 and can’t find any servers with the new maps? Done all of the advanced options, server filters and slots but still can’t play the new maps. I have the whole expansion pack. Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be appreciated

  2. Thank you for keeping BF1 content coming! Fun to watch as always! The flametrooper was like a little kid who found a Bic lighter on the ground lol–you definitely saved his ass!

  3. See and you laughed on stream when I donated to mentioned the BEAST of a bad weapon. Though this is the perfect use case of such a meme machine. Well done

  4. The maps on this battlefield are insane… the sounds, music…. this would probably be the ONLY WW1 themed battlefield we would ever get from dice as well. Played BFV for like a week and went right back to BF1.

  5. i have a question. I am playing on Pc sorry for this question btw maybe its a stupid question xD. If i have 40 Fps in Battlefield V on Pc, am i lagging for other players?

  6. Bf1 is all fun and games until you shoot a horse with a machine gun 40 times and having the rider behead you……then you spawn back in on objective c but it places you in the middle of a field nowhere close to the objective with no cover and with your back facing the enemy. You then spawn in again and get blown up immediately by a vehicle that moved into your objective before the game could tell you your spawn is unavailable. You then spawn in a bomber and the pilot kamakazis right into the ground the moment you realize he’s a bad pilot


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