Atalanta 1-2 SPAL | Petanga & Valoti Cancel Out Atalanta Opener! | Serie A TIM


SPAL came from behind through goals from Petanga & Valoti to claim a 2-1 victory over Atalanta.

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  1. Spal set the pace of this game early on and Atalanta never caught up. Well, apart from taking the lead, of course, but Spal always dictated the tempo.

  2. This wasn't a fluke, SPAL thoroughly deserved the win. It was a very impressive performance from the side at the bottom of the league. As for Atalanta, unlike Inter and Juve, they don't seem to be able to handle making several changes to their side (line-up and swapping players positions). They looked out of sync and very loose at the back.

    The league is taking shape now with Juve, Inter and Lazio fighting for the title, and Roma and Atalanata competing for 4th spot. It's been the most interesting and entertaining Serie A season for as long as I can remember.

  3. Fixed game for sure, you know how much it was quoted for Atalanta to win first half and SPAL to win the game? They have to make money somehow, players will need better wages next year 😂

  4. Yeah this makes no sense.. Atalanta won their last two home matches in Serie A with 5-0 now they lose against the worst team at home. RIP My money as well


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