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Na, na, na, na, na, oh
Na, na, na, na, na, oh
Na, na, na, na, na, oh
Na, na, na, na, na

Oh, been trying to let it go
Trying to keep my eyes closed
Trying to keep it just like before
The times we never even thought to speak
Don’t wanna tell you what it is
Oh wee it felt so serious
Got me thinking just too much
I wanna set it off, but

It’s this 1 thing that’s got me trippin
It’s this 1 thing that’s got me trippin (you did)
This 1 thing my soul may be feeling
It’s this 1 thing you did oh oh
It’s this 1 thing that caught me slippin
It’s this 1 thing I want to admit it (you did)
This 1 thing and I was so with it
It’s this 1 thing you did oh oh


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  2. Nothing like a home girl from the city (dc) that's pretty and can sing. She's paying homage to the GoGo music/bands with the nasty drums/congo beats in the music and video as well. #dcornothing

  3. What's meant for u is for u bey has zero to do with it.. I hate when ppl blame others for something that wasn't meant for her.

  4. I was really rooting for Amerie to fly and take off to be on the top of the charts. I was so devastated when she didn't. Beyonce and JLo were all everyone was on. Amerie was the shit. I had all her albums and know what she was capable of. What a shame. I wrote her a fan letter once and never sent it telling her how amazing she was. I regret not sending it. I think if you guys are fans keep rooting for her. Who knows maybe one day she might come back with slamming hits. I noticed Beyonce has packed music in for a while so this is a perfect time for her.

  5. The one on them drums is fine man, than the ones playing them bongos are fine too. Where these handsome guys at now I wonder.


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