Academy Rush Week 1 | LCS Academy Spring Split (2020)


2020 LCS Academy Spring Split #LCS

Cloud9 vs. Team Liquid
Dignitas vs. Evil Geniuses
FlyQuest vs. Counter Logic Gaming
TSM vs. Immortals
Golden Guardians vs. 100 Thieves

Watch all matches of the split here from all of our leagues: LCS, LEC, LCK, LPL. FULL VOD PLAYLIST –

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  1. Absolutely horrible. I demand you have academy games able to watch the same as LEC games. Don't change whats not broken. This is incredibly stressful to watch and makes it even harder for people with learning disabilities to understand.

  2. "Kaza lol lcs highlights" on youtube has the right format all you need to do is shout cast over it. Dash and the analysis should go over the games and pull out a storyline that can be illustrated with the clips. In the NFL this format is only used retroactively. Also this game is not new every play, context is very important. The full context does not need to be provided by the entire game but must be chronological.

  3. lol its funny listening to goldenglue knowing he was legit in this same situation and only escaped cause he was a c9a player and not cause he was actually the best

  4. I get you guys are crunched for scheduling and org's don't wanna have to stream anymore but if there is literally no other alternative to this format at least play the games earlier. Playing the games less than an hour in advance doesn't allow for you to properly sort out the content for the highlights and prep production and the casters for proper transition moments.

  5. This format is so scuffed you can't actually enjoy the progression of any of the matches and having the main stream caster and the match specific caster audio overlap makes half of what is said unintelligible. Not my favorite format obviously but I could sit through it if the caster audios didn't overlap.


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