A Soldier's Heart | Episode 1 | January 20, 2020


In a small village in Misamis Oriental, one night of bloodshed forever alters the fates of two brothers. As many years pass by, an idealistic man named Alex (Gerald Anderson) makes a decision to follow his heart’s calling despite his adoptive father’s (Rommel Padilla) hesitancy. Elsewhere, a vengeful man named Saal (Sid Lucero) and his group of rebels do whatever it takes to fulfill their cause. The paths of both men unexpectedly collide as they find themselves on opposite sides of a war.

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Episode cast:
Gerald Anderson (Hakeem, 1st Lt. Alexander Marasigan) / Vin Abrenica (Elmer Marasigan) / Elmo Magalona (2nd Lt. Jethro Mondejar) / Irma Adlawan (Yasmin) / Rommel Padilla (Col. Dante Marasigan) / Nor Domingo (Fonti) / Raymond Bagatsing (Col. Melicio Adriano) / Ariel Rivera (Brig. Gen. Victor Mondejar) / Mickey Ferriols (Minda Marasigan) / Ketchup Eusebio (Ching) / Sid Lucero (Saal) / Matt Evans (terrorist) / Nico Gomez Alonso (Alex’s workmate) / Nathan Lopez (Alex’s workmate) / Jayson Gainza (IT expert) / Gerald Madrid (IT expert) / Lito Pimentel (Hakeem’s father) / Vash Paras (Hakeem, young Alex) / Andrez del Rosario (young Elmer) / Marco Masa (young Saal) / Rex Lantano (bomber) / JC Tan (Ching’s troopmate) / Gio Alvarez (soldier) / Mike Lloren (Dante’s former troopmate)



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  1. paxnxa na po kayo, magandang maganda po ang teleserye pero po sa butuan city kaya hindi kaya magulo dun , sobrang tahimik kaya dun walang gyera.

  2. This TeleSerye is a wake up call! There is no Victory if your Purpose is Revenge …
    in Peace we find glory…….The blinded Terrorism against the Ary……the world should learn that
    love…respect and acceptance of Religion wether you are a usli or Christian…we are ALL ONE in the eyes of GOD!!! Let's Heal The World with LOVE!!

  3. Kakatapos qo lng manuod ng''LANGIT LUPA' 'ang ganda ng kwento sana mabigyan ulit c Jayson Abalos ng movies😘😘idol qo un eh.. Sana abs c Jayson Abalos please 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Truly one of abs cbn's masterpiece!hindi tinipid ang casting at ang cinematography is pang hollywood!I'm not a fan of gerald but when it comes to acting he is one of the best genuine actor!ketchup eusebio's acting is always fantastic!kudos everyone!more power💗💗💗


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