6 White People vs 1 Secret Black Person


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  1. “I am white.”
    “I am white.”
    “I am white.”
    “I am white.”
    “I am white.”
    “I am white.”
    “I am black.”
    “One is a liar.”

  2. Anna’s tactic was to be as friendly as possible??… So is she saying black people aren’t friendly, or am I taking that statement the wrong way?

  3. Lmao, whether or not you get a ticket is more dependent on the officer than your race. State troopers/highway patrol almost always give tickets regardless of the scenario, while local officers are more likely to under cite you let you off. Not all cops are racist, in fact very few are. There are much more important aspects to the situation besides your race that determine the cops mindset. It could be that he is having a rough day and isn't as sympathetic.


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