6 Vegans vs 1 Secret Meat Eater


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  1. Hey good humans! Hope you enjoyed this episode of Odd Man Out – more coming soon! IMPORTANT NOTE: We absolutely understand how a lot of you are feeling regarding behavior shown in this video and know that this type of behavior is not what we stand for, but we wanted to be honest with what happened on set. Our ask is that even still you all be respectful of the individuals in our videos regardless of whether you are upset with what they said or did. Please do not go personal or invade their privacy – we do not stand by that at all. We do appreciate your passion, but let’s all try to focus it on positivity when we can 🙏

  2. That blonde haired girl with the green top had that stereotypical vegan holier-than-though attitude. Vegan is a diet not a belief system lmao stfu.

  3. When she says, “I wanna ask more questions” it seems like she thinks she’s the boss and it’s her job only to find the meat eater

  4. Erin was too annoying and ignorant for me to watch the whole video so i just fast forwarded to the end to make sure she didnt win

  5. Erin is such a pain in the backside. She’s not into building people up and encouraging them, she only wants to prove she’s a “better” vegan that everyone else. Appointed herself as chief vegan somehow.

  6. The environmental reasons aren’t true the meat and dairy industry are actually helping the environment and economy

  7. I swear this video knocked out my brain cells when Erin talked every time. This was the first time I was so pissed at a person in this series. 💀


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