6 Rappers vs 1 Fake Rapper


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Blimes Brixton –
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Deazy Treez –
Kingston The Barber –
Kito Fortune –
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Tenn Buick –
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  1. Hey Goodhumans! We hope you enjoyed this episode. Filming in front of a live audience was so fun! Be sure to check out Audible – you can get your first audiobook and two Audible originals FREE when you try Audible for 30 days! Visit https://audible.com/jubilee or text "jubilee" to 500 500.

  2. Deazy is one of those mumble rappers. He got purple hair and crappy face tattoos. He got the tears because he wants people to think he killed somebody but he ain't killed nobody. He wouldn't survive one day in jail.

  3. Can't be sure but I feel like this game is not fair? It's a bit unclear how the money is split. If the liar wins he gets X but if the other win do the people remaining in the box split the X or does X get split into 6 by default? If it's the former, and you are not playing as the liar, you could almost always win by just always pushing in for the game to continue, if everyone does this by default the last 2 people will almost always win. I could be wrong as I just halfbaked this theory in the microwave.


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