6 Non-Virgins vs 1 Secret Virgin


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  1. Hi Goodhumans! We’re back with a new episode of your favorite show, ODD MAN OUT! What inspired the creation of this series was us wanting to see how we define certain identities and analyze why we do this. Was your initial judgment incorrect? Why did you make that judgment? Let us know in the comments below with the hashtag #goodhumanstory, & the TOP 3 insightful, thoughtful comments will win a crewneck!

  2. Swear the people with the highest body counts think sex is a personality trait or something. Sean and Jolie were insufferable. Also 40-70 people within 4 years? I mean I guess it’s physically possible but not sure what she counts

  3. People who brag about having sex are more annoying than actual virgins.

    (Not that there’s anything wrong with being a virgin)

  4. 11:51 Mad respect man. I'm surprised he could play off being a normal teen that had sex when he had that good of a relationship with God.

  5. Everyone thinking Sean was a douche but I thought he was like the most honest one there and I like honesty also he a pimp lol

  6. So far in the Most Unlikeable People list we got:
    -Sex Symbol Sean a.k.a. Triple S, or S³ and….
    Erin the Vegan.

    Please add if I'm missing people.

  7. Something every participant on Odd Man Out needs to realise:


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