6 Minimum Wage Workers vs 1 Secret Millionaire


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  1. Isn't it funny, those girls with the nice clothes, the makeup, the jewlery were the minimum wage workers, and this guy with cheap looking clothes was the millionare.

  2. 5:58 I see that watch he got bro, he was my millionaire from the start. His head is looking nice, buff, his shirt is slim, jeans are top of the notch, hmmmm. K his name is Lawrence. Oh its not him. Proof that looks dont matter kids.

  3. Honestly the millionaire doesnt really "need" that cash as much as the minuium rage workers, so im rooting for them minuim rage workers.

  4. Props for showing the rest of the peeps some love man. Easily my fave episode. I suspected him early but changed my mind 5 times. Great episode.

  5. Glad the millionaire was nice enough to do what he did for the others and give them money as well I was hoping it’d turn out with a nice ending

  6. When you really think about this series it need more rules. As it is now, it incentivizes manipulators to vote everyone out until only two remain.

  7. Why did they need the sponsor the millionaire could have paid this easily and if I was him I would have gave them money even if they won or they lost


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