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Check out numbers 5-1 on the countdown of the 100 greatest plays in NFL history!

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  1. I can’t believe that the immaculate reception is the best play. It was good and all, but the one that jaguars got against the Texans in the Hail Mary was way better. (I am not a jaguars fan either)

  2. Even being a life long Steelers fan. And I get that the immaculate conception is our storied play that started that dynasty. But to be honest, Deebo's endzone to endzone pick 6 in SB 43 is a much better play. I still get a kick watching him still laying on the ground with an O2 mask for quite a while.

  3. Dwight Clark's catch happens in almost every game in the NFL. There wasn't anything special about it aside from it being in a Super Bowl.

  4. Too Tall Jones 38 years later still salty as hell about The Catch. Probably because Joe was talking trash to him the whole game, and got one last verbal shot in after the catch. They left the best part out!

  5. I cant believe the mile high miracle wasn't in the top 100. Unbelievable! Are you kidding me. Flacco to Jacoby Jones should at least be in the top 10.

  6. really dont get what's so special about "the catch" was barely any pressure on Montana and Clark catches it without any problems. Just an average play but because it's old it gets hyped up so much

  7. Eli got away because all his linemen were grabbing and holding. I guess the refs had bets on the Giants… Great catch though.

  8. It was a great call. Everything just went wrong in that play.

    If it was a TD, everyone would say, "that was a great call not running the ball when everyone expected that. What a great playcall from Carroll."

  9. The thing I hate about the Seahawks call: It's almost like they were TRYING to make Russ the MVP if the receiver caught that ball. Even if they ran it, he would;ve anyway, because it's always given to QBs but man JUST RUN IT!

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