[1/27 PBE] Duskblade of Draktharr Demo


[NOTE: PBE Content is tentative and iterative! Filmed on 1/27 PBE – missing sounds!]

Short video example of the new Duskblade of Draktharr item on the PBE! First clip is normal effect and second clip, similar to Zed R, is when the effect will kill the target!

Total Cost: 3250 G
Recipe: Serrated Dirk + BF Sword + 850g
+75 Attack Damage
+5% Movement Speed
UNIQUE Passive: +10 Armor Penetration
UNIQUE Passive: Basic Attacks on an enemy champion apply Nightfall (120 second cooldown).
Nightfall: After 2 seconds, deal physical damage equal to 90 plus 25% of the target’s missing health. If you get a kill or assist on the target before Nightfall ends, the cooldown is refunded.”

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  1. This item is bad news for tank/mage/adc mains. Too bad for them, time to use your skill to play and not a 5000 hp 500 armor malphite just pressing R and winning games.

  2. Ok, instead of trying to push the assassin meta back, Riot actually strengthens them. Prepare for alot of Zed, Talon, Kha and other antifun champs.

  3. So lets say target has 200/1000 health meaning he has 200 hp left from his maximum health 1000, which means 800 is his missing health.

    When the target gets Nightfall effect on him, the damage will deal (90 + (800 * 0.25)) = 90 + 200 = 290 damage

    But applying a Nightfall effect on the target needs to be a basic attack, so it will deal almost a total of somewhere around 400-500 damage (since the item itself gives 75 AD and armor penetration plus with your basic damage which would be around 90-100).

    Sure anyone can have their chance of being Zed, but Zed will become Super Zed with it.

  4. Seems riot has been screwing over mages pretty hard recently, like really badly. They get rid of mana pots and DFG and nerf some pretty core ap items and they didnt recieve any, if at all any buffs. And they are wondering why zed and yasuo are always picked mid lane.


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